The tissues, clothes, art, perfumes, books, make-up, words, meetings, creativity are powerful things: they make us feel good, they put us in relation.

It often happens to see that the real enemy of women are the women themselves. The idea that a woman must abdicate the ornament, the makeup, the beautiful suit and high heels to be believable especially at work above all is the heritage of a male-dominated reactionary that uses the attention that the women pay to the aesthetics to underestimate, bracketing (to put among parenthesis) their intellectual capacity. That aberrant idea for which the woman couldn’t have pleasures on her body, on her seductive power, or has just that.

A woman who takes care a lot her own aspect is accused of frivolity relegating the aesthetic appearance to the mere seductive power over men. The great problem for women is to focus in half on the real.

Many women don’t understand, or pretend not to understand, that certain attentions towards their body are not aimed for seducing the men, but for relating to other women.

There are women who put make up, wash themselves, spend in suits they talk about, and they work as surgeon or they win the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Which means: I can afford to dress slutty also, if I’m sure of being able to pass my intellectual worth. If I’m not sure, it is not a problem of the heel.

It always has been so, my lady.

Once the women were blocked by the world of the polis for a long time and therefore to their aesthetics have submitted all the important semantic identitaries. All the things they want to say about themselves. In addition, this thing has remained. With or without the heels the women turn themselves to their context, showing what they want to be seen of them.


11 thoughts on “The ornament is a serious thing

  1. Well said. Historically, a woman competed against other women for the attention of the dominant male. Now, are we enlighten? I don’t know. Do women, as a whole, assess their value outside of their ornament? Can we find a balance?

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    • Hi. I’ll try to give you a short answer, otherwise I go on too long: the subject is complex and it’s always current. I’ll tell you that the idea of woman competing with another woman to conquer the man is a purely male-dominated cultural heritage, which unfortunately has crept in the female universe since the time when women have stopped being relegated at home to have a relationship with the polis. That happened just a century ago when women got important roles in society, above all economic. The male dominant point of view has imposed to the society (and therefore to the women) an assumption: the woman who loves to care herself is a goose. Why did it happen? It could happen for fear, because the other is always seen as an enemy. The only balance that you might have in the relationship woman – woman, just like for the relationship woman – ornament, is to be themselves without fear. Hugs

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  2. I like your post and content . Woman feel incomplete without being accessorised from tip to toe . U image an urban maiden so beautifully with words. Would u like to visit my posts and have a look at any of your topic of interest , you like to share & comment ? Thanks !

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  3. What gets overlooked in these discussions is that men self decorate as well. With a microscope so clearly focused on what women “should” or “should not” do, this fact gets ignored. I, for one, love my neckties but they have no real functionality and for most men serve as a nearly pointless accessory. But decoration can be more than that: for instance, the selection of tie I choose to wear often served to subtly make a distinction between myself (a designer) and the gray-suited makes in the room who are seemingly astonished by acts of creative thought. My point is that the distinction society makes by focusing so heavily upon how a woman chooses to appear points how how blind we continue to be to such double standards.


  4. Its sad isn’t it? If a woman is beautiful in a hospital, then she can only be the nurse – not the surgeon
    if she is plain and boring, then she must be high powered, giving her energies to her job and not her looks
    Why don’t they see that women can be both. Successful and beautful


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