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    • “Power is communication”, just like Niklas Luhmann assured. We are in full immersion of signs and symbols luring us to a creepy life. That’s it all and it’s a living nightmare. “Power is communication”.

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    • All the diystopias tellings are so goddamned true. Orwell and Huxley were on the right side. But I think we could change it because nothing is not impossible and the impossible, as someone once said, is only a question of time

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  1. This is one of my favorite movies, like, ever. The fight between the two guys over putting on the sunglasses, while seemingly ridiculous, is actually a nice metaphor for the people who prefer ignorance and will fight to stay in their world of illusion.


  2. Hi ela. So nice to meet you. I am certain within this film elements of our world we live are revealed. It has been known for years that subliminal messages have been put on records and into films. These are dark times we live in! Thank you so much for liking my poem “Unseen!” Peace and Best Wishes. The Foureyed Poet.


    • You’re very kind and I agree about what you’ve written. Sublimal is the way to the power to lead us all to its wanted direction. We are used living in a world full of communication and symbols and there’s not innocence on this.
      Thank you very much


    • yes, It does. I’ve taken a lot of books and old studies of mine…. and I remain surprised re-discovering Niklas Luhmann’s theory. I’m not agree on him but reading his researches and books could help us to understand the world we live, the system that take us all inside.

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  3. Fabulous short film as advertising and media does feed us endless messages about conforming and consuming. Love the trope of putting on the dark glasses to see reality and the corporate robot!


    • Consuming world is going to its end but the message is still strong.
      …..and I must confess you that I love the trope of putting on the DARK (i remak “dark”) glasses to see reality. 😉


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