Exercises To Improve Your Creative Thinking Skills


A friend’s house. Find three different objects and process a theory about the meaning of anything.


! Let me know!


10 thoughts on “Exercises To Improve Your Creative Thinking Skills

  1. I exercised a lot of creative license, but here’s something:

    “Hers was a meandering apartment with mahogany furniture and gilded mirrors, and draperies in a deep red.

    “There was an armoire in the corner she called her study. She stored her few summer dresses in the right side of it.

    “Her friend from the states was gluten-intolerant, and hadn’t eaten wheat in three years. And so, at first thought, the plan for an Italian vacation bordered on insanity. A week and a half of pasta, pizza and bread — the holy trinity of the Italian table — sounded like a nightmare.

    “But 10 days in Italy didn’t have to mean 10 days condemned to salads dressed with oil and vinegar, as she would soon find out.”

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  2. Love the idea! So creative and artistic!
    Here my ideas:
    “Her mum, an italian elderly but strong woman, died the last year. A coffee pot was the only thing left for her. On the inside? Nothing but a piece of paper: you never know who you father is. Well, he used to collect this brand coffee powder’s packets. You either find him or lose him forever.”
    “She hated that meaningless hat. Her ex-boyfriend gave it to her when they were together. Yeah, good old times. Apparently, she wasn’t enough for him. And the hat? Just a reminder not to trust anyone anymore.”
    “The past tormented her like a ever lasting noise on the backgroud. She even tinged her hair with blond to change look and to be a different person. But it was not enough. The past tormented her like an ever lasting noise on the background. She’s done such awful and horrible stuff from which she used to take joy.”
    I’m so sorry for the grammar mistakes I didn’t correct: english is not my mother tongue :/
    Please comment in below 🙂
    I will be happy to read your thoughts 😉

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