Being a woman with many ideas and enough years, I’m able to say that in our own lives there’s no one whom forces us to do what we dislike, but all depend exclusively from our will. So, I always thought that creativity, words, things, make us feel good, and so I did: I joined my profession as an architect to other, to life.

The urban kit is the English son of my Italian blog. It’s not my very first blog, I once had one, pescamelbafactory that I decided to delete just like some things of my previous life, even if they worked well, and though it has been hard to do I’ve no regrets. Throwing could be a necessary operation. We often accumulate things, superstructures making us heavy, making us crumple on ourselves and die.

I’m here and I’m ready to share with the world projects and ideas, thoughts and feelings, ready to relate things and people, listening and thinking to start over again. If you came this point, if you’ve read it all and you had the willingness and you have the pleasure to follow me, you make me happy.