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“If you live on the Mediterranean, you pay attention to the wind direction, to the burnt lands colours, to the smile of an old man, or to his shining wisdom gaze. You learn to follow the flight of an insect pollinating the differences from flower to flower.”

The Mediterranean is much more than a geographical place, the place of the memory and history of human people, but above all it’s a place of experience, which implicitly rooted in its past, at the same time reacting to the event of the present. Pescamelba aims to translate this memory of our time, telling through signs, colours and matter the daily life of the Mediterranean peoples on the gestures of their behaviour, how they relate to the landscape transforming it and marking it with their culture and their wisdom.

966390_646918381991070_331861144_oIn 2009 he born the Pescamelba project. It affects art, furniture, clothing and accessories. The last sector, that of accessories and in particular, in the jewels manifests research, listening and transposition of the narrative of the Mediterranean identity. The jewels translate the vital memory of the past in the present. They are made with silk trimmings, corals, crystals, mother of pearl, semi-precious stones are designed as one piece and handmade products. Some items, particularly, recount with great delicacy and passion the Baroque, the patron festivals, the lights, the traditional decoration, the artistic culture of Sicily prompt its forms and colours.

pescamelba 2009

These craftsmen of life resound from the depths, from the “forever”, and express a tactile, sensual, shared musicality to the whole Mediterranean area. Their gestures seem to model, along with matter, even the weather. And time emerges as a piece parallel to the object that takes shape in the rhythm of the story. All this allows us to remember that we are somewhere, and that this is part of us being here, significantly, here is a fact often makes the difference. Retrieve the vital importance of being in a place, relearning to interpret the elusive real density that the place you moved to expand in a direct way your mind map, maybe getting lost and then finding yourself, recognizing those who have become your new points reference, and learning to interpret the signs of the places.
All countries bordering the Mediterranean are united by one great clue: the Aesthetics.
Whereas for aesthetic means not only the style and image, but also the ability to “feel” typical of these peoples (from the Greek = estesis sensation), and of which the Mediterranean is the highest expression and complete. Pescamelba embodies one of the most distinctive characters of the Mediterranean identity: Creativity Re-Creative. The Mediterranean creativity is not direct, absolute, tragic, original: it is rather a reactive creativity, cross, camouflage, often enigmatic, that emerges spontaneously from the territory, and in the companies is emitted by households and local communities. Originality and creativity are in the way, in proceedings for deconstructing, deconstructing, undermine the philosophical and cultural of the western tradition.
In this perspective is the use category to prevail, repeated and unique pleasures of everyday life, coffee or wine, the button or the wire, the finish and the material, which are specifically a deeply re-creative value. Connections and continuous decontextualization, irony and contradictions, are effective instruments to encourage the creation of several ‘Mindstyles’, thinking styles that have nothing to do with the lifestyles of rigid configuration, so it is also a way to play a role in the world by launching messages against the current and affirming the value of the small to the big, the time on the fast, lasting about fashion. The Pescamelba jewellery, are sold directly at selected shops and jewellers, and now also on the web.

Communication takes place through galleries and exhibition areas in general but especially, circles, jewellers shops, conceived as physical places where conviviality become seeking coexistence and dialogue, as it has always been in the culture of the Mediterranean peoples, in such markets: touch “typical of the Mediterranean, it becomes the sign of authenticity. In physical space takes another activity, unexpected. It is the task of giving it takes many practical and symbolic meanings: the instinctive of unexpected exchange, based on feelings, on mutual emotions; Giving is also giving stories, which have always been the key element of human existence. The intensity of the stories that are told, their relational qualities, collective stories that nourish the imagination.



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